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CityCop - Humanity Is Sinking


When Did Your Heart Go Missing (Rooney)

Love doesn’t come so easily
This doesn’t have to end in tragedy
I have you and you have me
We’re one in a million
Why can’t you see?


Boats and Birds - Gregory & The Hawk

My mother’s the real MVP.

Watching HSM like fuck this movie is great. Sharpay has a sidekick and Ryan has a Razr and holy crap.

Love is my mother upgrading our data plan so my brother and I share 30GB a month.

Today was the last day of Hearts Like Fist. It’s been real and really fun, but I am looking forward to the three weeks I have until I work another show. Hallelujah. 🙌

Make me happy, please. 

My LD is better than your LD. Jus’sayin’.
The show (a superhero-themed play) I’ve been working on for more than a month now has its final show tomorrow. So I got a Batman comic as a thank you gift. :D

UPDATE: So apparently, the Lighting Designer (also my lighting teacher) said that he picked out comics that reminded him of the four (including me) individuals he bought them for and that he specifically remembers picking up the Batman one for me. The other guys kept asking if I wanted to trade ‘cause they all wanted Batman. And it makes me so happy that he gave it to me, and I can imagine him telling me on Monday (in class when I thank him) about how he tried to find a Deadpool one ‘cause he knows that Deadpool’s my favourite. But yeah, Harrison is a cool cat.


Paris, France


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Bathrooms designed by AB Concept.



A-Ha  -  Take On Me


Tigers Jaw - Okay Paddy